Receiver/Amplifier Repair

Amplifier/ Receiver Repair– On Hold

We are putting a hold on checking in new requests for amplifier/receiver repairs (excluding amplifiers/receivers purchased from Skylabs). We are still accepting amplifiers/receivers that just need general maintenance like switches cleaned, lights replaced, etc. 

If you don’t know if your piece needs a repair or just general maintenance, bring it to the shop during any of our open hours, and we’ll do a free evaluation and find out.

Why the change?

We had one of our technicians that worked from home retire, and we can no longer keep up with demand.  

Please check this website for any changes as we continue to work through our existing backlog of repairs.

Amplifier/ Receiver General Maintenance

The unit is working but has static when you move the knobs and needs a deep cleaning or maybe some new lamps. We can usually give you an estimate at the time of drop-off. Rarely do we charge a bench fee for these services.

General maintenance services are usually completed within 3 weeks to 1 month

Please check our FAQ page to see what equipment we do not work on.

Turntable Repair

Turntable repair is usually a 2 week turnaround and usually does not require a deposit.

Skylabs can handle anything from a tune-up to a simple belt replacement or cartridge alignment. Please check our FAQ page to see what equipment we do not work on.

We have most belt sizes in stock and carry phono cartridges by Grado and Audio Technica. We install cartridges for free if you buy the cartridge from us. We can usually install a cartridge within a half-hour or a few hours depending on how busy the store is.

Speaker Repair

Have a pair of vintage speakers that just don’t sound like they used to? We can make them sound amazing again!

Please check our FAQ page to see what equipment we do not work on.

Speaker re-foam prices

Speakers 8″ and larger: $70 each
Speakers 7″ and smaller: $50 each

We’d appreciate it if you would only bring in the speaker(s) needing re-foamed and not the entire speaker cabinet. There is a $50 charge (per cabinet) if the entire cabinet is brought in- we just don’t have the room. However, if you do bring in the entire speaker cabinet, we will test the other speakers in the cabinet and verify there is nothing else needing attention.