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The Midwest’s largest selection of vintage receivers, amplifiers, turntables, and speakers!

New and Used Vinyl Records

New vinyl can be purchased at our online store.

Used vinyl is available at our physical store only.

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Vintage and New Turntables and Speakers

Skylabs Audio offers excellent turntables and speakers from Audio Technica, Edifier, and U-turn!

We are an Authorized U-turn Dealer.

Vintage and New turntables and speakers are available in-store only. We don't sell them online or ship them.

Grado Labs SR60x Headphones on Marble

Proud Authorized Grado Dealer!

Made in New York since 1953!
We have several cartridges and headphones in stock online and in our Valley Junction store!

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Authorized Advance Paris Dealer!

Advance Paris is more than a brand, it is the guardians of musical dreams. Every product promises to deliver a symphony of emotions, a cascade of harmonies and a bridge to the world of music. Whether you are an experienced audiophile or just embarking on a sound adventure, Advance Paris invites you to be part of its world. Discover the magic of music, explore the realm of sound and let our creations inspire your own musical journey.

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